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25,  · Your skin stretches from e grow and stretch ks develop. Here are some photos: Stretch ks, medically known as lineae albicantes , are often an afterma of weight training. ese are probably e most common side effects associated wi bodybuilding, weight training and even weight loss. While working out tones up your muscles and makes em firm and muscular, . 26,  · Stretch ks can occur anywhere on e skin. In men, ey’re more likely to occur in areas of weight gain or where muscle is put on quickly. For . 06,  · Stretch ks occur when we gain weight too quickly, or lose weight too quickly, as e process damages e collagen and elastin fibers in your skin, leaving you wi unsightly reddish pink lines, which eventually fade into a silvery color instead. 18,  · It's e scarring at causes stretch ks to appear. Stretch ks are common during puberty and rapid grow spurts in adolescence (ey typically heal by e late teens or early 20s), pregnancy, excessive weight gain and obesity, when muscle mass increases rapidly and stretches e skin (like during bodybuilding), and sometimes when individuals use topical or high doses of ingested steroids for many weeks or mon s. 13,  · While many people associate stretch ks wi rapid grow during puberty, pregnancy or weight gain, few associate it wi working out. In fact, e rapid increase in e size of muscle tissue due to working out and bodybuilding is often a cause of stretch ks, particularly on men. Commonly, stretch ks caused by working out or bodybuilding tend to occur on e biceps, shoulders and ighs. 25,  · As mentioned earlier, many people get stretch ks when ey start lifting weights. ese stretch ks are usually caused by excessive stretching of e skin resulting in tearing of e dermis. At e initial stages of weight lifting, a lot of people start . However, stretch ks are not a concern exclusive to bodybuilders. regular men who like lifting weights at e gym and sculpting eir bodies are also at risk for getting stretch ks as a result of developing muscles. Feb 26, 2009 · Some people get stretch ks when ey have a fast weight change, and your's is probably because you are gaining muscle, so ey are growing, causing e skin to stretch. Protein shakes will cause you to gain weight because you are gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more an fat, so it won't be bad if you gain some weight from it. Apr 18, 2007 · if you grow bigger you'll get stretch ks. Look at e stomachs of pregnant women. You can use lotions, potions, vitamin e, coco butter, etc. at will help. But when it comes down it if you are getting bigger and bigger you are going to get em, I don't care if you ba e in vitamin e. Apr 03, 2007 · Some people get stretch ks when ey have a fast weight change, and your's is probably because you are gaining muscle, so ey are growing, causing e skin to stretch. Protein shakes will cause you to gain weight because you are gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more an fat, so it won't be bad if you gain some weight from it. 31, 2008 · no weightlifting helps to tone up and build muscle e only way you can get stretch ks is if you are overweight and en start losing e weight en you end up wi a few depending on how. Remedies for Stretch ks. Most people will tell you at you cannot get rid of stretch ks, but you can improve ere appearance. Some common remedies for stretch ks are: Applying. Vitamin E. Cocoa butter. Fish Oil. Medical and Surgical. Laser erapy. Has e possibility to permanently remove stretch ks. Dermabrasion. But weight lifting is also a prominent cause of stretch ks. What causes stretch ks? Stretch ks can emerge from a range of causes, ranging from puberty to stress, or even plain heredity. In e context of weight lifting, however, building muscle too rapidly can cause tearing in one of e layers of your skin. is in turn causes scars to develop which appear as stretch ks. Weightlifting can have e same effect on e body as pregnancy or puberty. By gaining a lot of muscle in a short amount of time, your skin does not have time to adjust. e main areas affected by . Lifting Weights. Any increase in your body's size can lead to stretch ks, not just an increase from a buildup of fat. When you lift weights and your muscles get bigger, e skin around ose muscles gets stretched. is can lead to stretch ks, often seen on e . Stretch ks: To minimize stretch ks, slowly build ose muscles to avoid rapid expansion. Also, moisturize e skin frequently to minimize tears in e dermis which result in stretch ks. Download My Workout App Exerprise FREE - Official Anabolic Aliens video of Stretch ks & Muscle Building. How to Prevent & Get Rid. No, we don’t mean your body weight. We mean e weight you’re lifting in e gym. While it’s great to bulk up, you don’t want to gain too much muscle too quickly. is can lead to unsightly stretch ks. Instead of doing only a few reps wi extremely heavy weights, cut down your weight and shoot for to 15 reps per set. DON’T SKIP. Gym buffs who spend hours in e gym lifting weights are e most vulnerable to getting stretch ks in e arms. Muscle gain in e arms, including e biceps, triceps and forearm, are e favorite places for stretch ks to appear to ose who are into bodybuilding. As e muscle expands, so is e skin. ese ks form in e middle layer of e skin, called e dermis. ey are caused by rapid grow when e skin stretches past its normal capacity. For men, stretch ks often occur as a result of weightlifting, when muscles bulk up too quickly. e me ods to get . 02,  · Yesss. I also have some near my biceps, like to e right of your stretch k. I ought it was because I used to be a fatty, but since I've lost most of e weight and have been lifting for a while, I've gotten new ones. Men must earn em. level 2. 15 points. 6 years ago. Stretch ks from lifting can definitely happen. But ey can also disappear or fade over time. I was able to move significantly more weight on at machine an wi e free weight version, and personally, I . I got stretch ks when I started lifting when I was 15. I hated em but ey gave me inspiration to get bigger to prove I earned em. I stopped getting em after a year or two and you will too. I am 22 now, have been on bulk for e past year and haven't seen new ks for years. For some reason young lifters are much more prone to stretch. Stretch ks are commonly found wi weight gain, as opposed to weight loss, but such ks stick around after weight has been gained and subsequently l. Hi! It is very common to get ese strech ks. ey develop when e skin is stretched because it damages e collagen fibers and proteins in e underlying skin layer. ere isn’t a way to stop ese stretch ks from forming and even some of e guy who lift have em. 15, 2007 · Stretch ks..sigh. At e start of e 6 grade I was 5'1. By e end I was 6'0''. My back is one giant stretch k. From e little dimple ks on e small all e way up to my shoulder blades. My younger bro has e same ing. He grew a foot in middle school as well. 28,  · Essentially a scar, e ks develop when collagen and elastin, two proteins at keep skin heal y, are damaged. Losing weight slowly can lower your . Shutterstock. Shutterstock. It can be frustrating to work hard to gain muscle or lose weight, only to be plagued by stretch ks.For Timo y Schley, 32, stretch ks have been a part of his life from a young age when he had a big grow spurt, and he developed more on his shoulders and biceps when he started lifting weights frequently after high school. 17 hours ago · 2 hours ago How to get rid of stretch ks: 7 effective home remedies. 2 hours ago Prostate cancer: Urinating at night, blood in urine or having a weak flow could be a sign. 5 hours ago Covid-19 Impact on Global Weight Loss Drinks ket (-2026). Potential grow, attractive valuation make it is a long-term investment. Top Players: GNC, skinnyfit, Liquid I.V, LadyBoss, . Stretch ks occur usually during weight gain, when your skin gets stretched. In e case of losing weight, you should parallel wi weight lifting exercises to tighten your skin. O erwise, you will have some excess loose skin, which doesn’t look pleasant ei er. 17,  · Stretch ks on biceps are quite common. If ey make you self-conscious, ere are a number of treatments for reducing eir appearance. ese . Stretch ks are unsightly scars on e body at result from quick weight gain, causing e skin to stretch more quickly an it normally would. e result can be devastating. Stretch ks can occur anywhere, from your rear end to your ighs to your stomach and—yes—your face as well. I have been lifting weights for 1 year now, and besides muscle mass I gained strech ks as well. At least I ink ey are from weight lifting. I have never ought is might have happened to me, because I know at only fat ladies and pregnant women get em. 28, 2009 · Im on a new routine and it seems to be working very well, especially on my legs, back and arms. e only downside is at now Im getting stretch ks on e side of my triceps and my inner ighs. is morning I woke up looked in e mirror and now Iv got a small one on e top of my bicep and Im starting to get em on e front sweep of my quads and below my hips.:mad: Im goin to see e. Feb 17, 20  · Can a man get stretch ks from power lifting? My son lifts and has also gained some weight in e belly area. He has developed stretch ks on his upper arms and stomach. Why? and what can be done? He's 21. Show More. Show Less. Ask . Who can get Stretch ks in armpits? ese ks can trouble an obese growing child and also an adult who is weight lifting or body building. Puberty is ano er trigger for stretch ks since it is e time when most of e grow takes place. e ks appear when ere is a surge in testosterone as is is e time when your child grows. Just like a rubber band, your skin is designed to stretch and snap back — when e skin stretches too far, it breaks instead of snapping back. is results in scar tissue development known as stretch ks. ese red-and purple- kings can be e unsightly reminder of weight gain and/or a grow spurt. 08,  · Stretch ks can appear when ere is rapid stretching of e skin. e ks appear as parallel streaks of red, inned, glossy skin at over time become whitish and scar-like in appearance. Stretch ks be slightly depressed and have a different texture an normal skin. ey are often seen when a woman's abdomen gets larger during. 23,  · is can occur rough weight gain by way of obesity as well as from weight lifting. Additionally, weight loss can reveal stretch ks. When e body increases in size too quickly, e skin can’t stretch far enough and kings develop due to e stress placed on e skin.Au or: Kyra Oliver. Apr 14,  · Weight lifters are known to develop stretch ks. e grow of e muscle stresses e collagen in e skin leading to stretch ks. So lifting weights to try to improve stretch ks be counterproductive. e way to treat stretch ks is complicated. When . Stretch ks between legs are common in women who have recently gained weight fast. Causes of Stretch ks on Legs. Stretch ks can materialize on any fraction of e body—in a woman’s stomach when she is pregnant, in a body builder’s shoulders due to weightlifting—all is is brought about by e skin stretching. 1. 27,  · But, weight lifting is not e only way to increase streng. Encourage your dhter to consider varying her workouts to include o er kinds of streng training. at reduce e risk of unwanted side effects, such as stretch ks, at can come from doing just one activity.

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